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Character Bio

Wendy Simms
Played by - Liz Vassey

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

DNA Technician

Wendy is a DNA Technician and worked in San Fransisco (Lab where Sara Sidle came from) for a time before moving to Las Vegas to take the DNA tech position. In the Season 7 episode Lab Rats she helps Hodges investigate the case of The miniature killer. The two characters have an ongoing rivalry. Hodges complains that Simms tries to take over everything and thinks she's "too cool" for the lab. Simms insults Hodges by calling him "freakboy" and "loser" but praises his investigation methods. Wendy is apparently something of a klutz and has a reputation for being clumsy around work. In season8 it's revealed that she is a huge Trkkie fan (Star Trek) & once performed in a horror movie to earn extra cash.

In season 8 she seemed to show more of an interest in perhaps becoming a CSI & working out in the field.

In season nine she has made many more appearances in the episodes, and appears to now be in the regular cast. She has tentatively striking up a friendship and mentoring role with the new hire Dr Raymund Langston, as she guides him through some of the processing techniques he needs to learn.

In season 10 the 'Wedges' relationship between her & the character David Hodges was strongly hinted at again, but Hodges refused to take it any further, but Wendy planted a kiss on Davids lips in an episode.

Listed on the regular cast for season 10, Left Season 11 - 11.02 Pool Shark

Mandy Webster
Played by - Sheri Rappaport

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

Fingerprint Analysis Technician

She first appeared in the season one episode Annonymouse. Her quick tongue, no nonsense and witty comments often serve as comic relief throughout the series. Mandy Webster made Nick Stokes serenade her with the song 'Mandy' for his results in the seventh season. In the seventh season episode lab rats, Mandy mocked fellow lab tech Hodges hush-hush attempt to gather lab techs together to investigate the miniature killer with an imitation of Miss Money Penny from the a character from the James Bond movies. Hodges gives her the nickname "Miss Mockery.".

In season 9 she has taken on a much more active role in the show, as a regular cast member appearing in many more episodes. She seems to be quite friendly with Wendy Simms, and appears to like Henry a little too.

Appeared in many season 10 episodes

Bobby Dawson
Played by - Gerald McCullock

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR Addict.comThe Lab Rats & LVPD Cast & Characters - Home to the GSR

Firearms & Ballistics Technician

Season 1 onward
- Bobby is a firearms and Ballistics expert since the second episode 'Cool Change' where he tests the bullets of fallen CSI Holly Gribbs and proves she was shot with her own gun. Bobby is a recurring character throughout the series.

Season 8 - Episode 8.08 You Kill me - During the re-enactments of the game scenarios, Bobby is always the prime suspect, but turns out innocent; at one point, Grissom asks what Hodges has against Bobby, to which he replies, "Nothing: running gag".

Season 10 Episode 10.10 Better Off Dead

Archie Johnson
Played by - Archie Kao

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

Audio/Visual Lab Technician


In the 7th season episode Lab Rats he assists David Hodges, along with the other lab techs, in trying to figure out who the Miniature killer is. Archie is a fan of Sci-FI, and he surfs when he can get away from the lab. At the beginning of season 8 he has also taken over the role of handwriting analysis. He says it is to expand his horizons, and his paycheck.

He remarks in the episode Feeling the heat that he would prefer to die in his sleep by an aneurysm. In season 3 episode, Random acts of violence, he assists in investigating a murder at a computer-based business and is shown to enjoy working out in the field for a change. He's also suggested to be a Trekkie (Star Trek) expert and a fan of internet-based role-playing games.

Loves snowboarding - reference made in 9.17 No way out

Henry Andrews
Played by - Jon Wellner

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

Toxicology Technician

1st appearance as a suspect in 5.14 Unbearable (In the secondary kodiak bear case)

Henry is the toxicology specialist of the Las Vegas Forensics Laboratory, who mainly deals with identifying toxic substances which have undergone human consumption. He has an impressive knowledge of lethal substances, including, but not limited to: illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, poisons, and hazardous gases (such as carbon dioxide). He constantly exhibits a thorough understanding of the toxins' properties and effects. He originally worked for days (as he mentions in the episode Iced) but kept 'getting moved around' by Ecklie. In the later seasons he is seen more frequently working graveyard, so it can be assumed he's acquired a permanent position there. In the episode Lab Rats he has a prominent role and an appreciable amount of screen time as opposed to his previous, short-lived appearances. Wendy refers to him as one of Hodges' "lemmings". It is construed that Hodges knows a fair deal of information about Henry's personal life.

In season 9 he has played a more active role in many more episodes,
with interactions with Catherine Willows mainly.

Appeared in episodes in season 10
Ronnie Litre
Played by - Eric Stonestreet

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

Questionable Documents technician


Seasons 1-5 - Ronnie is the guy to go to with questionable or fake ocuments, who is fascinated by the technology that he uses. He does not know how many aces are in a deck of cards as seen in 'Revenge is best served cold'. Sara Sidle learned some interesting facts from him in the episode 2.10 Ellie.

Sara:Did you know that ninety-seven percent of all hundred dollar bills have traces of cocaine on them?
Ronnie Litre:I was the one that told you that.

$35k O.B.O, Gentle, gentle, Bully for you, Scuba Doobie-doo, Ellie, Anatomy of a Lye, Revenge is best served cold, Grissom versus the volcano, XX, Bad to the bone & Unbearable

Mia Dickerson
Played by - Aisha Tyler

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

DNA Technician

Seasons 5 –
With Greg being transferred into the field in Season 5, Mia took over the DNA lab. Many lab techs had a crush on her, most notably Hodges. She has a compulsive personality, once telling Greg that she refuses to eat food prepared by others because people cook while they talk and the food ends up being tainted with DNA.

Harvest, Swap Meet, What's eating Gilbert Brissom, Ch-ch-Changes, Mea Culpa, No humans involved, King Baby, Compulsion, Weeping Willows, Icced & Grave Danger.

Kacey Monahan
Played by - Sienna Guillory

The Lab Rats & LVPD Cast & Characters - Home to the GSR

Lab Technician
/Explosives Expert


Joins the cast Season 11 -

She’s in her 20s, and she has been blowing stuff up since she was a kid—earning her a few nicknames. Kacey will team up with Nick Stokes

young, attractive explosives expert.
Her father works with pyrotechnics, and she learned a lot from him.

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

Detective Vartann

Played by - Alex Carter

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

LVPD Homicide Detective


Seasons 4-6 and 9
- 10 11 & 12

Detective Vartann is a recurring homicide detective. He believes Las Vegas has no history, that history in Vegas gets imploded.

He has more recently in season 9 become a more active member of the cast appearing in several key scenes in this season working with all the CSI's

Appeared in episodes for season 10, & an on-screen relationship is established between himself & Catherine Willow (Night shift supervisor)

Appeared in several episodes for Season 12

Sofia Curtis

Played by - Louise Lombard
CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

Former LVPD Crime Lab CSI - Homicide Detective


Season 7; Recurring Season 5–6, 8): was a CSI who became part of Grissom's team after the mid - season 5–. She soon considered resignation, upset at the fact that she had been demoted from acting day shift supervisor. In season six, Curtis makes a career shift from CSI to detective. Sofia was a recurring character in season five, and became a regular character in season seven, and Louise Lombard was billed in the opening credits. Sofia appeared in the Season 8 premiere, "Dead Doll", where Louise Lombard was billed as a "Special Guest Appearance". She has never been seen since "Dead Doll.". split, decided by the Assistant Director of the crime lab, Ecklie

February 2009 - Crime Scene Investigation actress Louise Lombard (Sofia Curtis) has been cast in the lead female role for the upcoming NCIS spinoff. Lombard's character, Clara, was a major in the military police before she became an investigator.

Last appearance in the episode 8.01 Dead doll

Returned Season 11 - 11.20 Father of the Bride

Detective Sam Vega

Played by - Geofry Rivas

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

LVPD Homicide Detective


Season 1 onward to current season 9 - Sam is a former member of the LVPD's gang unit. He has a son who owns comic book collectibles.

He has more recently in season 9 become a more active member of the cast appearing in several key scenes in this season working with all the CSI's

Sam Vega wears contact lenses. He once lost one at a crime scene.- Burked

Detective Sam Vega has a son who owns a comic collection.- Random Acts of Violence

Season 11 - Appeared in episodes for season 10

Season 12 - Was Killed off in the Episode 12.08 A Crime Too Far

Ray O'Riley
Played by -
Skipp O'Brien

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

LVP Detective Sergeant

Seasons 1 – 4
Ray is a detective who does not understand the science of forensics, referring to the CSIs as the "nerd squad" 'The Pilot episode'.

Cyrus Lockwood
Played by -
Jeffrey D Sams

LVP Homicide -

Seasons 1–2
Formerly a homicide detective during season 2 and 3 before the episode 'Inside the box' where he inadvertently walked in on an armed bank robbery. Lockwood removed his gun so as to save a mother and child who were also caught up in the robbery but he was then shot in the back. CSIs later determined he was shot by a sniper from across the street.

Lt. Jack Parker, SWAT Officer
Played by - Vincent Duvall

The Lab Rats & LVPD Cast & Characters - Home to the GSR

SWAT Officer

Seasons 6, 7,8, & 9

Season 6 - Way to Go
Season - 7 Leaving Las Vegas
Season - 8 A Thousand days on earth
Season 9 No Way Out

Enrique Murciano

The Lab Rats & LVPD Cast & Characters - Home to the GSR

Detective Carlos Moreno (Det Vega's Stepson)

Season 10 -
10.04 Coup De Grace

Season 12 -

Dune and Gloom
12.22 Homecoming

Sheriff,s Under-sheriffs, DA Etc

Rory Attwater
Played by -
The Lab Rats & LVPD Cast & Characters - Home to the GSR
Ls Vegas Sheriff

Jeffrey McKeen
Played by - Connor O'Farrell

The Lab Rats & LVPD Cast & Characters - Home to the GSR

Las Vegas Under - Sheriff

11 Episodes in Total

Season 5 - 5.25 Grave Danger Finale

Season 6 - 6.06 Secret and Flies
A Bullet Runs Through it Pt1
A Bullet Runs Through it Pt2
Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
Way To Go

Season 7 - Redrum
Big Shots

Season 8 - Cockroaches
8.17 For Gedda

Season 9 - 9.01 For Warrick

Season 12 - 12.22 Homecoming

Madeline Klien
Played by -
District Attorney

Fantasy GSR - Home to the GSR

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